What sessions consist of

Basically Laughter Yoga gives people the opportunity to bring out the ‘child’ in themselves and embrace a sense of fun.

Sessions consist of:

  • chanting ‘ho ho, ha ha, he he’ (to warm up facial muscles) combined with hand claps, which touches the acupressure points to energise.
  • handclaps again with chants of ‘very good, very good … Yay’, which is full of enthusiasm and positivity.  (Both formats of handclaps act as ‘transitions’ between the laughter exercises.
  • Playing out exercises from every day activities like a greeting hand shake—with laughter
  • Deep Pranayama Yogic breathing exercises to clear the lungs and fill with fresh oxygen.
  • Grounding relaxation at the end of the session.

Participants need to be:

  • willing to have a go
  • happy to have eye contact with others
  • prepared to pretend to laugh to start with so that it soon becomes real and contagious laughter