Links to Dave Berman’s Daily Laughers Videos

Dave Berman from Atlanta, USA started a You Tube channel in January 2016 called ‘Daily Laughers’ and has posted a video every single day ever since.  These videos sometimes show hime laughing alone, other times he laughs with 2 to 4 people in a joint session and sometimes he videos a group session.

The videos las anything from 2-minutes to 12 minutes generally.  Sometimes when Dave includes a guest, he asked them to demonstrate a favourite laughter exercise and also to tell their story how they came to practice laughter on a daily basis and how they use it in their work and to benefit the people they work with.

Here are the links to his You Tube channel and Facebook page:

I have been fortunate enough to participate in several of these daily laughers videos and list the ones I have been involved in below:

31-5-16 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 152 (Merrie Maggie)

12-8-16 Dave Berman – DailyLaughers Day 225 (Merrie Maggie)

25-12.16 Dave Berman – DailyLaughers Day 360 (Maggie with 2 others)

In 2017 Dave started his #HelpTheWorldLaugh  Tour, starting in India, then Australia and whilst he was in the UK he attended some of the Merrie Maggie Laughter Clubs before going on to London and Cardiff to deliver Laughter Yoga Leader training and Laughnosis

9-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers with Tim Barker Day 465 (Boat trip)

10-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 466 (MM Wordsley)

11-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 467 (Nanny’s Rock)

12-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 468 (Klassics Health & Fitness)

13-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 469 (MM Dudley)

15-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers Day 471 (Birmingham)

22-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers 478 (Laughnosis Training day 1)

23-4-17 Dave Berman – Daily Laughers 479 (Laughnosis Training day 2)