14 March 2021 – Coventry City of Culture Trust

Feedback from the Laughter Yoga session:
The laughter definitely turned real for me. I couldn’t stop laughing at everyone laughing
Thank you, Maggie, the exercises lead into real giggles and I really enjoyed the session!    

12 March 2021 – RIBA Architects – Birmingham

Here are some excerpts from feedback:

‘Relaxed and calm – things feel less serious’
‘Thank you so much. I feel very relaxed after the laughing and meditation session’
‘Loved the communal group spirit and energy. Really enjoyed the highs and the lows and my heart feels stronger’
‘A positive vibrations I will carry on all day. Thank you’
‘It was really good and exceeded my expectations. I have done Laughter Yoga before and was  late as I contemplated whether it was worth it. Glad I stuck it through. I would love to do it in real life soon. A fantastic start to my day. Thanks.’
‘Madde me feel ever so relaxed and calm. Thank you so much. A new concept to me but a very welcome one.’

28 January 2021 – College of Medical and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham

Here is a comment from the facilitators of the session (via Zoom) along with graphs and comments from data they collected from their participants: 
‘We had a higher-than-average number of respondents and it has been such a joy reading the comments people have sent back’

Here is a .pdf that is easier to read: Chart

4 November 2020 – Lionheart (via Zoom)

Thank you so much for a really fun Laughter Yoga session this morning. I was pleased that everyone got involved as I understand it can make us all feel a bit self-conscious to start with! It was great fun and I definitely felt the benefit afterwards. Thank you for your enthusiasm, it was brilliant.

24 August 2019 – Camper Calling Festival

Quotes on Post-It notes: :  ‘It made me feel good’ (from a child), ‘We felt great. Calm but energised’, ‘Really enjoyed it – could see this helping our foster children a lot. Thank you’.

26 April 2019 – Trowers & Hamlins, Birmingham

Thank you so much for today, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think everyone else did too.  I have a smile on my face and keep giggling!!

Hopefully we can book you for another session again soon.

Lovely to meet you,

29 November 2018 – Emily
(Student requesting information about Laughter being the best medicine)

I can’t thank you enough for your email, it was so useful! The links and information you provided is really helpful and relevant for my project.
Thank you again for the time you put into compiling this information.

22 October 2018 – Penn Fields Special School

Thank you so much for coming! We had a blast! And such positive outcomes for the staff, especially in how positively they viewed friendships within the group, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

Cannot thank you enough. Will definitely follow up next time we meet as a team.

Warmest regards,

11 October 2018 – NSG Pilkington

What a wonderful day yesterday was.   Thank you so very much for taking your time to come to us and putting up with the mixture of emotions your sessions evoked.  I think once people got over the initial shock, they joined in and you can’t please them all.  But today, the feedback has been brilliant.

I’ve put up some of your posters on our notice boards so that should people fancy taking part outside of the workplace they can make contact to see when/where you do the sessions.

16 July 2018 – Solihull ‘Early Help’ Wellbeing Day

We all thoroughly enjoyed the laughter yoga.  Many were surprised how much fun it was.  Thank you so much for a great session that certainly supported our wellbeing.

14 July 2017 – Walsall College

I just wanted to say a big thank you for attending Walsall College’s Health and Wellbeing Event on Friday.
We really appreciated your attendance.
We had such great feedback regarding your session. Everyone who attended said how great it was and how much their mood was lifted after attending the session.
If you are interested, we would love to have you back for future events. Are you happy for me to keep your details on record for future events?
Thank you again Maggie; it really was a fantastic session.

15 January 2017 – Hen Party (Birmingham)

Quote from one of the participants, ‘I attended your class on Sunday as part of a hen party. We had so much fun’.

14 October 2016 – Stourport High School – NQT Conference

‘I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for presenting at our NQT conference and also to provide you with our delegates feedback.

15% of our delegates said that your presentation was outstanding
53% of our delegates said that your presentation was good
6% of delegates said that you were the star point of their day!

Thank you once again!’

14 April 2016 – Trysull & Seisdon WI

‘Dear Maggie. Thank you so much for the wonderful evening, I cannot remember when we had such fun at W.I. I am sure everyone has gone home, like me, feeling happier and relaxed.’

12 May 2015 – Police Sergeants Away Day

“My sergeants are still talking about it.  One has used one of the techniques on his children.  My senior management team are also keen to invite you to one of our away days.’

8 May 2015 – Michelle (Family Outreach Co-ordinator) – Halesbury School (Pampering Evening)

‘I really can’t Thank You enough for Friday. We are so grateful for all the time, skill, energy and laughter you brought to everyone on Friday. I always love it when we bring something new to the evening as people are always a little apprehensive before going in. I have to say everyone who joined you came out full of praise for you and thoroughly enjoyed the session.’

16 April 2015 At Merrie Maggie – Malvern session:

‘It was brilliant. Enlightening. I felt really free and smiley. Thank you for making it happen.’

6 March 2015 – Anita – Dudley & Walsall Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

I had some amazing feedback with regards to the laughter yoga session you delivered for the ‘Our Community’ launch. The ladies apparently loved it so much that they were talking about it all over Facebook telling each other that they can’t stop doing their “ho ho – ha ha breathing exercises! You’ve certainly made an impression!

12 February 2015 – ‘Lynn’

Many thanks for a fun session today, Maggie. We had positive feedback from group members who enjoyed themselves a lot, and would like to have another go sometime.

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