What will a first Laughter Yoga session feel like?

As I start delivering Laughter Yoga, I look at people’s faces to see their initial reaction.  Some people embrace the concept immediately, others show reluctance and even embarrassment at the prospect and sometimes people cannot relate to it at all.

These reactions are all expected.  We are all individuals and react differently – sometimes through personality, sometimes due to social and cultural background.

Remember, everyone at the session is likely to have some reservations but after the first laughter exercise, they realise it is easy and not at all painful.  It is most enjoyable and uplifting as they feel the muscles in their face stretch into smiles and laughter, their eyes start to sparkle and what’s more, it’s contagious!

As the session progresses through the laughter exercises, interspersed with hand claps, chants and Pranayama deep breathing, people feel more relaxed and able to ‘let go’ so that with laughter mediation towards the end of the session, they are able to wholeheartedly embrace the freedom and exhileration laughter yoga instils.

Guided relaxation or a grounding dance at the end of the session helps participants return to their every day lives whilst retaining an overwhelming feeling of joy, peace and positivity.