Laughter Yoga – The Black Country Buddhas meet Merrie Maggie

Back in August 2018 I was delighted when Shaun Cadwalleder, Gareth Philpotts from My Home Vitality, Black Country Buddhas and Simon Tomlinson from Genuine Confidence attended my Laughter Club in Wordsley and made a video including parts of the exercises during the session and chatted to me about the benefits of Laughter Yoga after the session.  They then went on to describe how they felt during and after the session, affirming the benefits of regular laughter.

The video is 20 minutes long comprising:

  • From the start to 2.00 minutes in: The team talk about attending the session
  • From 2.00 minute in to 6.00 minutes in: Clips from the Laughter Yoga session
  • From 6.00 minutes in to 14.35 minutes in: Interview with Maggie
  • From 14.35 minutes in to end (20.19): The team discuss how they felt after experiencing Laughter Yoga.

Here are the links to the video team:

My Home Vitality:
Black Country Buddhas:
Genuine Confidence:

Since publishing this post they have also posted an article about Laughter Yoga, which I contributed to and they again included the video at the end of the article:

Laughter And Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Open Day

Laughter Yoga Open Day Poster

Wow – I can’t believe this event is nearly here and I’m so excited about it!!!

It will take place at Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham, B4 7SX on Saturday, 28 October 2017.

As well as attracting people from the Laughter Community, Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Health and education professionals, it is open to anyone wanting to know more about the health and wellbeing benefits of Laughter Yoga and to bring more joy and laughter into their daily lives.

Have a look at the page about the event (including list of speakers) here

Tickets cost £31.84 and are still available at:



Laughter Fit – Documentary Video

During April and May 2016 I have been working with Niamh Conway-Carroll and her student colleague Hannah Burgess from Staffordshire University.  Niamh is a Journalism student and chose to do her thesis on the benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Niamh and Hannah attended a ‘Merrie Maggie’ Laughter Club in Wordsley and also ‘Merrie Maggie’ Laughter Club  in Malvern in order to gain sufficient video footage and interviews with participants, and also Graham Comfort with whom Niamh was carrying out a case study, in order to create the video.  Also assisting in the delivery of the Malvern session was Avril Phillips who had recently qualified as a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader with me a few weeks before.

Click on the video below to see the video, which has been very professionally put together by Niamh and I hope conveys what we do during a Laughter Yoga sessions and also how beneficial (and how much fun) participating in Laughter Yoga is: