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  1. Hello,

    I hope you’re well.

    I’m currently overseeing a wellbeing workstream, looking at ways we can support our team’s wellbeing virtually in this often worrying time.

    We’re looking at a range of ideas and loved the sound of your Laughter Yoga sessions. To help with more detailed planning, it’d be great if you could let me know the following:

    What availability do you have over the coming Wednesdays for a 45 minute to an hour slot between 11am and 3pm?

    Are you able to run a session remotely using Teams (very similar to Zoom) – we’d send you a link, you just need a laptop with a camera or smartphone)?

    What’s the cost for a session of this length?

    We’re unable to confirm how many people at this point but as it’s remote, hopefully that won’t be an issue.

    If you could come back to me by Thursday, that’d be great.


    • Hi Candi

      I have tried to respond to your message but both times my message was undelivered. Can you please let me have your correct email address so I can send you my response? Thank you.

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