Face Masks + Snoods with Merrie Maggie Logo

Over the past year during the lockdowns to protect everyone from COVID 19, we have all grown accustomed to wearing face masks, snoods and face shields (although there are some people who cannot wear them for medical conditions).

At the beginning it felt strange to go into a shop wearing a face covering of some sort and now we wouldn’t dream on NOT wearing one. This along with physical distancing has helped to bring down the ‘R’ number of transmissions.

I have continued to run my Laughter Yoga sessions on-line for my club members and business sessions. My club participants have found them a lifeline to connect with each other and bring laughter and joy into their lives. During last summer I ran a few sessions outdoors with a maximum of 6 people – all of us wearing face shields and being at least 2 metres apart and I hope to resume this during the summer of 2021 too,

Having seen some lovely designs on washable face masks, I decided to have some made using my ‘Merrie Maggie’ logo of the laughing red mouth on a yellow background. A marketing friend of mine had them made for me and I find they are very comfortable to wear and my glasses don’t steam up so much when I go into a shop, etc. She has also had the logo printed onto some yellow snoods so they too can be worn as a face covering.

I am able to offer them for sale:

The face masks are £6.00 plus post and packing (90p) = £6.90

The snoods are £8.25 plus post and packing (£1.71) = £9.96

If you would like to purchase a face mask or snood, please contact me on the contact form or at [email protected] .